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87: Empowering the People Who Make Software with Yash Khandor of Mark43

Published July 20, 2021
Run time: 00:58:48
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Empowering the people making software is as important as the people using it. Yash Khandor is an engineering manager with a passion for mentorship. He joins the show to talk about the intangible traits of great developers, how not to hire developers, how to keep up with tech changes, and how to find software jobs that are less obvious.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Yash decided not to accept a job with Apple
  • How not to hire developers and how to give feedback
  • How to be intentional with your career growth
  • How if you don’t update your knowledge, you get outdated
  • Why startups don’t succeed
  • Why you have to create your own method to your madness
  • How to keep up with technology changes
  • Why there’s nothing more satisfying than mentorship
  • Why you should look for software jobs that are less obvious
  • The intangible traits of great developers

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Recorded June 22, 2021 | Edited by Jordan Daoust | Produced by Jenny Karkowski

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