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A non-technical look at mobile app development
Presented by The Jed Mahonis Group

About Constant Variables

Constant Variables takes a non-technical look at iOS and Android app development. We help non-technical co-founders of mobile app products become more comfortable with technical jargon and concepts in order to help them turn their ideas into successful apps.

In addition, we'll provide insight into the business side of app development, with episodes explaining how to:

  • Make money in the App Store
  • Build a three-sided marketplace for on-demand-type apps
  • Lower your development costs
  • Improve the user experience of your app

About the Hosts

Constant Variables is hosted by Tim Bornholdt and Robert Bentley, who co-founded a mobile app development agency called The Jed Mahonis Group.

Through their years of developing apps for clients, Rob and Tim know what it takes to launch, support, and grow a successful mobile app.