20: App Development Lifecycle Series - Design

Published January 25, 2019
Run time: 00:19:21
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In Part 2 of our App Development Lifecycle Series, Tim breaks down the Design phase. Design is not only how your app looks, but also how it works. In this episode, we share how we work with our clients to design a valuable and easy-to-use mobile app experience for their users.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is design, and why it’s not just what the app looks like
  • Four principles we use at The Jed Mahonis Group to make well designed apps
  • How we use constructive criticism to make better-designed apps

This episode is brought to you by The Jed Mahonis Group, who builds mobile software solutions for the on-demand economy. Learn more at https://jmg.mn.

Recorded January 17, 2019 | Edited by Jordan Daoust

Show Notes

The 5 Stages of the App Development Lifecycle