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125: Building Tools for Everyday Investors with Ramsey Shaffer of Babbl

Published November 22, 2022
Run time: 00:46:48
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Babbl is navigating the noise of market news in order to help DIY investors stay on top of the market.

Babbl Founder, Ramsey Shaffer, joins Michael Roth of The Jed Mahonis Group to explain how the technology uses sentiment tracking, why they focused on a web-only platform, and when a mobile app might come into play.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What a sentiment algorithm is and how it works
  • Why Babbl launched as a web app and the role that’s played in gathering feedback
  • Babbl’s plans for scaling financially and technically
  • Considerations for when to make your 5-to-9 a 9-to-5 and how to hold yourself accountable

This episode is brought to you by The Jed Mahonis Group, where we make sense of mobile app development with our non-technical approach to building custom mobile software solutions. Learn more at https://jmg.mn.

Recorded November 7, 2022 | Edited by Jordan Daoust | Produced by Jenny Karkowski | Hosted by Michael Roth

Show notes

Babbl’s website | https://babbl.dev

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Michael Roth on LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-roth-508772183/

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Episode Transcript:

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