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113: Technical Recruitment Trends and Tips with Hannah Staal of Open Systems Technologies

Published April 19, 2022
Run time: 00:40:58
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What should be in your design or Github portfolio if you’re job hunting? What are the hardest technical roles to fill if you’re hiring?

OST Senior Recruiter Hannah Staal joins the show to share how the technical recruitment landscape has changed, why to be mindful of mid-level career changes, and what recruiters are looking for in an applicant’s portfolio.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Where networking plays a role in recruiting
  • Recruitment tips for getting applicants in the door
  • Which technical positions have been the most difficult to fill recently
  • Why it’s hard for students to break into technical roles
  • Advice for growing your network. Spoiler alert: It isn't as scary as finding your true love.
  • Why you should treat your LinkedIn profile like your resume
  • What recruiters are looking for in a design portfolio or GitHub account

This episode is brought to you by The Jed Mahonis Group, where we make sense of mobile app development with our non-technical approach to building custom mobile software solutions. Learn more at https://jmg.mn.

Recorded February 3, 2022 | Edited by Jordan Daoust | Produced by Jenny Karkowski

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