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110: Slowing Down to Move Fast with Kelvin Johnson of Brevity Pitch AI

Published March 29, 2022
Run time: 00:48:34
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Merging two companies is hard work, even for someone seasoned in the practice of overseeing acquisitions. Managing a migration for the first time, however, while maintaining key employees and 95% of clients? That wins gold in the M&A Olympics (which totally exist).

Brevity Pitch CEO (and M&A gold medalist) Kelvin Johnson joins the show to share how his experience leading a M&A in only 27 days took years off his life, how fundraising has changed over the last few years, and how he found a gap in the market for helping entrepreneurs perfect their pitch.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The planning process behind M&As (mergers and acquisitions) and the key risk to mitigate
  • Tips for what not to do during a merger
  • What it means to separate the role from the soul
  • The challenges with communication in today’s society
  • A good question to ask yourself when fundraising

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Recorded February 2, 2022 | Edited by Jordan Daoust | Produced by Jenny Karkowski

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