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107: Software Dependencies: Oofda! with Jason Walker of American Airlines

Published March 8, 2022
Run time: 00:49:17
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If terms like software dependency, open source, and InnerSource have you uttering "Oofda", this episode is for you.

Tim Bornholdt chats with Jason Walker, Director of Technology at American Airlines, about how software dependencies work like Lego pieces and how we all rely on them to get our jobs done.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Which dependencies are intrinsic to the software we use every day
  • How third-party libraries work
  • How Innersource is different than open source code and how they work together
  • When to reach for a third party dependency over flexing your engineering muscles

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Recorded January 27, 2021 | Edited by Jordan Daoust | Produced by Jenny Karkowski

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