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Tim on the microphone recording an episode of Constant Variables.

👋 Meet Tim Bornholdt.

Tim is an entrepreneur, developer, and podcaster. He’s co-founder and partner at The Jed Mahonis Group, a tech agency who specializes in helping businesses improve their processes and increase their bottom line with custom mobile software.

As a software developer, he specializes in delivering custom mobile software with an emphasis on the back end. He’s been building websites since the first grade, so in addition to revealing exactly how long he's been a huge dork, he has a lot of experience to share with what works on the Internet.

As a podcaster, he hosts Constant Variables, a show that explains how mobile app development works to people who don't like technical jargon. He also works on a show with Olympian Carrie Tollefson called C Tolle Run that interviews elite athletes and other famous people who happen to be runners.

Tim is podcast-ready with professional equipment capable of video and live-stream interviews as well.

What does Tim like to chat about?

  • Enterprise app development: how mobile tools help us work better
  • Making tech accessible
  • Non-technical tips for building iOS and Android apps
  • Building a tech team
  • Working with non-technical people
  • The power of podcasting for businesses
  • Craft beer, running, or Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64. 🍺🍺🍺

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Podcast Kit

We know the work that goes into producing a podcast, so we put together a Podcast Kit to make prepping for your interview with Tim easy, allowing you to focus on other areas of your show.

What's in the Podcast Kit?

  • Tim's headshot, JMG logo, and Constant Variables logo for promoting the episode
  • Google Doc with Tim’s bio for introducing him to your audience, plus website and social links for your show notes
  • Google Doc with suggested podcast topics and questions

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